Samsen Brewery Co., Ltd.
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Samsen Brewery Co., Ltd.
Samsen Brewery Company Limited is situated at number 999 Nakhonchaisri district, Dusit, Bangkok, established on 5th September 2001.
The company is an affiliated company under Boon Rawd Brewery Company Limited, responsible for the production of Singha branded products.
Products produced here at Samsen Brewery Company Limited include
bottle Singha Soda water
glass bottle drinking water
PET bottle drinking water
gallon drinking water
Sunvo sports drink
Sport Drink Red / Sport Drink Yellow
In 2013, the company had an annual productivity
The company’s production capacities recorded in 2013 was 17 million litres of soda water, 43 million litres of glass bottle drinking water, 80 million litres of PET bottle drinking water in 3 sizes, 12 million litres of drinking water bottled in gallon containers and 30 million litres of B-ing beauty drinks.
Samsen Brewery Co.,Ltd, one of the oldest company in Thailand, has been producing quality products for consumers for over 80 years.
Therefore, the consumers can be assured that our company is full of skilled and experienced staffs to improve products’ quality at international standard.
We already achieved quality guarantee from GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000 : 2005 and HALAL, HAL-Q.
Our laboratory possesses modern and high standard tools to monitor the quality of product.
We also have high efficiency manufacturing machines, in addition, its capability can be increased
to over 89% of OEE in 2012 and we aim to reach 95% in 2013.
Since establishment, we kept improving our performance and product’s quality, in addition, the cooperation of staffs and support of executives are the key factors
of our success in beverage industry.
manufacture international standard quality products
Our experience over 15 years in producing the products under “Singha” trademark can guarantee that our main policy is of quality products production with international standards will always be maintained. We concern about every production process to maintain and improve product’s quality for our consumers as our ultimate goal.
Moreover, we also focus on social and environmental responsibility by optimizing resource usage for the benefit of our organization and community. However, we have set 5 policies, as a guideline, for our staffs and executives to follow, which are:
Corporate Management
According to the good governance principle, the company will increase the competitiveness along with staffs’ potential to live a better quality of life. The company will also enhance our staffs’ capability and encourage them to learn and grow together with the company so that they are willing to abide by company’s rules, traditions and laws. They will work happily and be brave to do good things for the community because they feel like they are part of the community.
Working Environment
The company realized that providing a fine and safe environment at workplace is a key factor resulting to a good quality of life of staffs’ family that will make them feel that the company is their family and we look after each other.
Environmental Saving
The company supports the sustainable environment by developing and applying environmental technology and abiding by environmental rules and regulations so that the community surrounded the company will live happily and healthy. We also support living together with responsibility in the region.
Quality and Efficiency
For the most consumer satisfaction, we focus on the quality of products and impressive service. In order to avoid any complaint, we increase the manufacturing efficiency by using new inventions and natural resources properly.
Social Responsibility
We build good relationship with surrounded community by causing no pollution troubles to the community. We also join community’s activities and support them in different ways till we got CSR-DIV AWARD 2015.
Our policies are set and implement based on the benefit of every sector in order to gain trust and support from the community.